Homage to the Holga Exhibit

Some info about the Homage to the Holga show

HolgahalftoneThis plastic camera has been derided by some, but loved by many.   While very simple in operation, the camera has been an artistic tool and a reminder that the real photographic tool is between the ears. The rest is an extension, a way to put perception into a fixed silver image.  The Holga demands attention to conditions, light, and composition.  If you work within its constraints, you will be rewarded with images that stand out from the deluge of digital simulacra.

The images in this exhibit are all the end-result of using various Holga cameras.  The A3C3’s ethos has always been about “crappy” cameras, and while the Holga is no longer being manufactured, it remains the standard-bearer for crappy cameras.   Long live the Holga!

OPENS THURSDAY, OCT. 13, 2016 @ 7 pm at 525 WEST WILLIAM (ARGUS MUSEUM), Ann Arbor.  


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