Our New Leader – Heather Gardner!

The news is a bit behind, but Heather Gardner is now the A3C3 Manager.  She’s been an active and enthusiastic member for several years, and plans to make the A3C3  more active in the near future.  Mark O’Brien stepped down as the manager, and Heather will bring some fresh ideas and young blood into the group.  We have only had two previous managers prior to Heather, and the first was Mike Myers, who ably served from 2007-2014.  Mike and Mark are two of the founders of the A3C3, and are glad to see Heather take the lead role.

However many activities and initiatives that Heather may have in mind, she cannot do it without member participation!   While we have several members that make almost every monthly gathering, a greater number attend infrequently.  Heather would like to see improved membership participation, and that will make the A3C3 a much more interesting experience.

Meetings are currently the second Thursday of the month from 7-9 pm, and the venues change, so watch our Facebook page and this website for meeting information.


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